Tuesday , November 24 2020

ADC urges FG to improve healthcare infrastructure to curb the spread of COVID-19

By Ahmed Ahmed 

The African Democratic Congress has urged the Federal Government to upgrade the healthcare infrastructure to meet up with the standard of curbing the spread of COVID-19 in the country.

Alhaji Manzo Ibrahim the National Vice Chairman North East of the party made the call in a chart with Journalists on Monday in Bauchi.

He said Health facilities, Sanitations, level of poverty, accountable and purposeful leadership  calls for proper and collective assessment aim at tackling it.

“The advent of the novel pandemic Covid-19 in the World, has triggered a change in all Nations of the World. Nigeria is not exclusive. 

“It has become a phenomenal incident that challenges virtually every stratum of human living and Nations need attention,” he said.

Ibrahim reiterated that Nigeria’s health facilities are in a near collapse with outdated facilities, inadequate health personnel.  

“Poor working environment that needed a total attention if it is to serve as a Health facility that gives healthy attention to citizens,’ he said.

The Vice Chairman noted that  the sanitary conditions of the  communities virtually all over the Nation is very poor. 

“Though with some slight exception of some streets in Abuja, Lagos, Rivers and other major Nigerian cities. 

“These were amplified due to the inability to evacuate dirt promptly as well as constant supervision of waste collection and disposal,” Ibrahim said.

He said  the mode was very nasty with waste piled up in major cities of the country.

Ibrahim also lamented the massive poverty that is growing within the Nigeria populace is really alarming.

He added that with the  social investment programs  ongoing by the federal government, saying  “The approach is highly inappropriate,” 

He said Nigeria as a Nation should look inward with a very simple and realistic manner to address its various simple challenges. 

Adding that each region has its own predicament. 

He pointed out that  North east  need a prompt and decisive action to address its diverse challenges.

“No one will come down from China, EU or America to solve our problems. 

‘Because realistically the condition of Nigerian society is that of a highly uncoordinated Nation.

“ If the Covid-19 pandemic escalates it will be so catastrophic to the country. He said

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  1. His Excellency sir. Extension of covid 19 in three state in the country is not the problems but what provision did you make for the citizens??? As the President of Nigeria you are the number one citizen we are looking up to you especially now the porvaty in the country is growing from straight to straight you have to make provision for the citizens via BVN I believe that all citizens in the country have bvn you can credit the account of the citizens so that they will not fee it. In USA the president make provision for the citizens so I advised you should follow suit ours should not be deference sir. Prince Joe Chukwu Delta state chairman African Democratic Congress (ADC)

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