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Gombe Versity: community present housing, pledge to support sustenance


In effort sustenance of the state-owned institution, the people of Akko Local Government of Gombe state has presented free accommodation for the staff of the newly established State University of Science and Technology (GSUST) Kumo as well as other support.

The gesture came following the state governor Alhaji Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya, inauguration of a committee to assess the relevance and viability of the five tertiary institutions established by the immediate past administration in the state.

Governor Inuwa has during the inauguration of the committee said that the assessment was to address the challenges associated with the creation of the institutions. He said the aim of the assessment was too diverse a means of sustenance and fast-track development in the educational sector.

However, the members of Akko community under the auspices of New Age Initiative for Youth Development, in a statement, said that the community has resolved to provide voluntary academic and none academic support to nursing the institution to a point where it can fend for itself.

While commending the state governor for setting up the committee which they describe as a bold step in the right direction, the community pledged to be accommodating to staff and students of the young university so it can grow to its full potential.

“As the host community, we wish to assure the committee that we hold the young institution very dear to our heart and would do everything humanly possible to provide the enabling environment for smooth and unhindered academic activities. We will cooperate to ensure their wellbeing and safety in Kumo at all times and also provides all the needed support,” the community said.

The statement which was jointly signed by Malam Yahaya Mohammed, chairman of the New Age Initiative for Youth Development, Malam Isah Muhammad chairman of Jama’atu Nasril Islam (JNI), Malam Isah Ubaidullahi chairman of Jama’atu Izalatul Bid’a Wa’ikamatus Sannah (JIBWIS), Rev. Lewis Tuta chairman of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and Garba Mohammed chairman of National Youth Council (NYCN), in the LGA also reveals that another backing to be provided by the community include philanthropists and other interventional support for the university.

“Our sons and daughters who are lecturing in other universities have also pledged to provide voluntary academic support services to the students of the university. Despite the lean times, our notable philanthropists have also pledged to make donations in cash and in-kind in order to ensure the survival of the young university. Our sons and daughters working at the top echelons of corporations known for providing interventions to a higher institution of learning have also pledged to use whatever means possible to bring such intervention to the university,” the community stated.

The community also pledge to donate 400 hectares of farmlands to the university farm for both commercial and training activities.

However, governor Inuwa has earlier revealed that there are more questions than answers on funding and provision of critical infrastructure as well as the sustainability of the newly established institutions.

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