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Gov. Zulum and those sabotaging him

Gov. Zulum and those sabotaging him

There is no gain saying that Governor Babagana Umara Zulum is one of the most proactive and purpose-driven governors in Nigeria today. His willingness to go extra mile and make sacrifices to provide good governance dividends of democracy to the people of Borno state especially IDPs is legendary. This notion is accepted by all the people of state including members of the Peoples Democratic Party.

Mr. Mohammed Musa, a police officer and a member of the Elkanemi ruling house said that “Gov. Babagana Zulum is the best thing to happen to Borno since 1999. His willingness to carry everybody along and commitment to the restoration of peace in Borno is what made him to be unique.” Alhaji Kalli Aji who is the retired CJTF Coordinator in Borno state concurred with this assertion that was made by Mr. Mohammed. The former CJTF Coordinator said, “Prof. Zulum is a man of one mission: Restoration of Borno to its former glory. But my fear is that he is running a lone race; the man is surrounded by fifth columnists and traitors who do no want him to succeed in this important mission.

“My advice to the good people of Borno is to pray for his protection and continue to ask Allah to guide him,”said the CJTF Coordinator.

Investigations carried out by this medium revealed that some people ( including some stakeholders) in the Borno state government are sabotaging the efforts of Gov. Zulum. “It is obvious that some of these people are hell bent on sabotaging the governor because of 2023 elections and its permutations,” said Abba Bulama, a staunch member of the ruling APC in Jere. But Falmata Gaji, an IDP in one of the numerous IDP Camps in Borno said that “some government appointees are betraying the trust the governor has on them because of greed. They are busy diverting and embezzling the materials and funds meant to cater for the welfare of the vulnerable especially we the IDPs.”

This medium has uncovered the massive corruption and lackadaisical approach the Borno State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) is handling IDPs. For example, it was discovered that against the wishes and knowledge of the governor, all the IDP camp managers in the state are not only denied their salaries for four months but also refused to be employed as permanent staff.

Watch out for the full dossier on those peopl sabotaging Gov. Zulum and their atrocities.

Gov. Zulum and those

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