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Jealousy, envy and not underperformance behind the quest for removal of service chiefs

Jealousy, envy and not underperformance behind the quest for removal of service chiefs

The president of military writers’ society of Nigeria (MWSN) Dr Abubakar Mohammed had said jealousy, envy are the reasons behind the quest for the removal of service chiefs and not underperformance.

Dr. Abubakar stated this in a conference with news men in Abuja.

He said many people failed to understand that leadership comes from God as such those in authority should be allowed to discharge their mandate.

“Sacking the service chiefs will not bring an end to the fight against insurgency but giving them the maximum support they need,” he said.

He stated that the service chiefs especially that of the Nigerian Army are doing everything humanly possible to get total rid of terrorism in the country.

“In the last three months the Army leadership relocated to Borno to take charge of the operation and that also boosted the confidence of the troops.”

“If I’m to be appointed a service chief today, I can’t do more than what they have done; I tell you that they are performing on high output especially the COAS,yet you here people saying that they have underperformed. Troops allowance has been increased by 100% as I am talking to you. All these are been done to motivate the troops

“ The military needs commendations and not condemnations he stated.

He further said that under-funding the military is the major setback facing the military adding that funds allocated to the Army for Capital projects in the 2020 budget have not been released, as such procuring the needed equipment will be impossible.

He called on the government to give the military adequate support and also to call for the service of the retired service head like that of retired IGP Abubakar Dahiru Mohammed whose committee did a fantastic job in Zamfara to contribute their quota as notable personalities including judges, politicians, traditional chiefs and some security personnel were indicted in his report over Zamfara attacks and nothing have been done by the government over the report.
He pointed the fact that the Nigerian Army, Navy and Air force cannot win the fight alone but the ONSA, DSS, NIA, Police and paramilitary agencies should join force with the military to bring an end to the blood bath.

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