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Movie producer urges producers to make movies that address drug abuse


Movie producer urges producers

Nollywood movie producer, Seun Dania, on Wednesday urged producers in the industry to produce movies that address drug abuse and other societal ills affecting the country.

Dania told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that incidence of drug abuse among the youth in the country was worrisome and the platform could be used to address the menace.

“The prominent figures in the Nollywood industry must always ensure that their platforms are used to address the ills of the society, especially, the rampant use of illicit drugs among the youth.

“Storyline in movies must always pass the right message to the audience because they have a massive impact on them directly or indirectly.

“Drug abuse and other societal ills among the youth must be addressed by actors by emphasising on the deadly impact of drugs in their various roles in movies.

“Everyone has a role to play in ensuring that the menace of drug abuse is completely eradicated from the society and prominent figures must be a role model to youths,” he said.

Dania who produced “Nimbe”, a movie about the dangers of drug abuse and a teenager’s struggle to make the right choices, noted that the movie would be coming to Netflix before the month ends.

He added that the movie would reach a wider audience on the international streaming platform.

“We decided to make the movie available on Netflix so that the negative implications of drug abuse can be passed to the older and the younger generations.

“The message of the movie is the bad implications of drug abuse on youths and how parents impact on their children,” he said.

Dania noted the difficulties normally encountered by producers in getting support and funding for their movies.

He appealed to the government, public and private organisations to key into the industry to ensure its growth.

He also advised parents to checkmate the activities of their children and always be attentive to them so that they could assist them.

Movie producer urges producers (NAN)

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