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Gov. Ishaku inaurates judicial commission of Inquiry
Darius Ishaku, Taraba State Governor

Tiv leaders visit Gov. Ishaku; ready to mortgage the future of their people for a pot of porridge- Group alleged

Tiv leaders visit Gov. Ishaku; ready to mortgage the future of their people for a pot of porridge- Group alleged

The Tiv Youth Forum in Taraba state has described the recent visit of Tiv leaders to Governor Darius Ishaku as a kangaroo visit.

The group made this allegation during a press briefing held in Abuja.

The National leader, Taraba State Tiv Youth Forum, Katyo Aondona who read the text said it has become imperative to react on the recently publicised visit of some self-acclaimed Tiv elders to the governor which has drawn mixed feelings among Tiv and other ethnic groups within and outside the state.

The text reads in part:

It therefore become necessary for us to respond to this unfortunate act and equally clear the air on some issues arising from the visit and also highlight some important events that if not corrected the Tiv and the general public May be misinformed.

First and foremost, we wish to draw the attention of the general public on the visit to Darius Ishaku by some misaligned Tiv group of political pompous parading themselves as Tiv leaders in Taraba State.

The said visit according to our VIT team of investigators revealed that one faction of the political class organised the visit while the other faction was later informed by a source from government house of the planned visit to Darius Ishaku.


The said visit which the politician claimed was to present the newly elected EXCO of Tiv Cultural and Social Association to the governor ended up introducing only the President without mentioning the remaining Excos through out the whole discussion.

The question begging for answer from these self-acclaimed leaders is; what happened to the other EXCO members?

We further seek to know the essence of the apology that was tendered by these Tiv leaders. A source close to the Tiv politicians said they have collected huge amount of money from the governor to execute his evil agenda against the Tiv in Taraba with little or no success at all and that was why they were tendering their apology to the governor.

All materials available to our correspondent did not tell us what the Tiv offence was. It is equally laughable that these Tiv leaders did not even mention their crime before the governor.

Was it because the Tiv stood firm in guarding their farmland which the governor wanted to collect by force? These impecunious politicians should come out clearly to tell the whole world how the Tiv have offended the governor.

Surprisingly, the governor did not make any comment regarding the apology that was given to him by the so called Tiv leaders.

Another comment made by the governor was that “ the solutions to your problems is within Taraba state, so stop looking for solution outside Taraba” but recall that this same governor had previously set up a ten man committee sometimes last year to end the lingering crisis between Jukun and Tiv in Taraba state.

The committee had five members from Benue State, and another five from Taraba State. All these members are Jukuns. With these, one is left with no choice than to ask the pertinent question: What happened to the governor when he was selecting the members of this ten-man committee?


These leaders also promise to fish out bad elements among the Tivs but little did they know that Jandekyula was attacked on the 27th September 2020, where four people lost their lives and many properties destroyed.

No Jukun man was arrested and no Jukun leader fished out any bad egg. Unfortunately, Mr. Shian Namkpindi was arrested on 11th October 2020 in his refugee camp in Sankera for an attack that took place around Tsokundi road more than 60km away from his camp. On the other hand, Riti and Sondi are less than three kilometres away from Jandekyula but no Jukun man was arrested for the Jandekyula attack.

In conclusion, we wish to draw the attention of Tarabans and Nigerians at large that the visit to Darius Ishaku on 7th October 2020 in government house, Jalingo was done by famished Tiv politicians who are pursuing their personal interest and not Tiv leaders as widely publicized by media. These so called Tiv leaders are ready to mortgage the future of the entire Tiv people of Taraba State just for a pot of porridge.

On a final note, we wish to advice Governor Ishaku to align with better Stakeholders in finding lasting solution to the Tiv and Jukun crisis.


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