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WaterAid urged the government to provide protection of the groundwater reserve.


WaterAid urged the government to provide protection of the groundwater reserve.

By Ahmed Ahmed

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Dr Evelyn Mere, Country Director of WaterAid Nigeria urged the government at all levels to provide protection of groundwater reserve and climate change.

Mere stated this in a statement through Mrs Oluseyi Abdulmalik, Communications & Media Manager WaterAid Nigeria made available to journalists on Friday in Bauchi

“Groundwater provides much-needed protection against the impacts of climate change, acting as a buffer to changing water availability and quality in many parts of the world.

“The climate clock is ticking and if efforts are not made to better-understand, value and protect this vital resource, making it a central feature of climate change adaptation strategies, then we face a very bleak future.”

“Specific problems around local groundwater quality, lack of data, and concerns around sustainability, can also be more easily addressed with this new information.,” The Country Director said

According to Dr Mere, as demand on water resources increases alongside growing climate uncertainty, this kind of collaborative, transdisciplinary research on groundwater resources in the developing world has never been more important.”

She said urgent protection is needed for our most precious buffer to climate change: groundwater.

“ WaterAid raises the alarm about the threat to the world’s groundwater reserves, which are relied upon by millions of people for their daily water supplies.

She said this hidden resource provides a vital buffer against climate change, but is not clearly monitored and is gravely mismanaged, needlessly putting millions of lives at risk.

The Country Director noted hundreds of millions of people around the world, including millions in Nigeria, depend upon groundwater for their daily needs, health and livelihoods.

“ It is also the main source of water for food production and industry. Groundwater – water that is found underground in gaps between soil, sand and rock.

“Is found almost everywhere, is tolerant to drought and so acts as a buffer in times of water scarcity.

Dr Mere however,urged planners, policy makers, and governments to checkmate that groundwater is too often out of sight- out of mind, leaving it vulnerable to over-extraction, unregulated pollution and unchecked contamination.

“Unless groundwater is protected, many communities risk not having enough water for their basic needs in the future, particularly as surface water sources may be altered through climate change.

“This chronic lack of enforced groundwater policies embeds the risk of overexploitation and pollution,” Dr Mere said.

WaterAid urged the government to provide protection of the groundwater reserve.

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