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Why I feel duty-bound to support Governor/Engineer A.A Sule's agenda, towards fastracking Nasarawa State to the Next Level.


Let me start my presentation with this generous preamble from one of Williams Shakespare’s greatest plays, titled, “As You Like It”, as quoted below:

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“All the world is a stage and all the men and women are mere players….they have their exits and entrances….”etc!

On the basis of the universality and relevance of this wonderful philosophical dictum, I feel spiritually convinced, to concede to this profound statement of fact.

Therefore, on the same principles, I wish to call on all Nasarawa Stakeholders, regardless of their political, religious, tribal or ideological views and differences, who have geniune stake in the affairs of Nasarawa State, not to ignore, nor discountenance the meaningful efforts to inject the current private sector strategic initiatives by Governor(Engineer), A. A. Sule, to remodel and re-orientate the hitherto slumbrering, over- populated and bloatedly unproductive state’s Civil Service, which staff force has been over saturated with incompetently unqualified but favour-seeking political thugs, whose level of indiscipline cannot be said to be a beneficial source of pride, to any religious, tribal and political groups, they lay claim to, nor belong or associate with.

As my own modest contribution to this re- engineering advocacy initiatives in the state affairs , I cannot but support the Governor to succeed, by urging him to endure,
as well as ensure, that , his specific goal and stipulated targets are definite and well defined, which cannot be compromised, at all levels of implementations.

This presupposes, that, the success or failure of his re-engineering mission is entirely dependent on his ability, sincerity and control mechanism, to be pre- determined by him, predicated on his personal capacity, commitments and sincerity of purpose, subsumed under the following broad areas:

1-Mission, Vision and Goal.

2- Structure, Process and Procedures

3- Monitoring , Actions, Activities and Feedbacks Modules and Modalities.

4- Assessments formats for reward or punishments, through credible and proper techniques and uncompromising implementation standards, fool proofs guidelines; backed by a holistically, as well as wholistic performance indicators, which must negate and obviate all loopholes that might be vulnerable to all sectional, material or social abuses.

I make bold to explain my support for the Governor’s new initiative. based on these obvious factors, provided those factors are not sacrificed by parochial, sectional nor parcuniary interests.

I feel excited, that, the Governor has set a target for his commissioners based on the private sector strategic planning principles and processes, which primary focus is contagiously corrolated by productivity output.

Let me, therefore, conclude by highlighting some of my fears, which relates to the entrenched culture of godfatherism, favouritism, cronyism, bigmanism and fear to dare, which are some of the deficits that undermine the creative potentiality of the civil service, because of lack of transperancy in the system!

These are some of the major reasons that have destroyed the civil service and are making people skeptical but I can assure you, that, it is possible to get things done, in the right way, provided, you are not afraid, to serve God, objectively and dare all other mundane mindsets, without fear or favour, instead of pandering to the whims and caprices of ordinary mortals called godfathers, nor their minions.

In due course, I will narrate and give my personal accounts and encounters with some of my role models and mentors , such as :

Alhaji Abdu Abubakar, aka (Keffi 1); the late Walin Keffi and the Patriach of the iconic Imani Groups, whose pivotal role as Secretary of the Interim Common Services of Northern Nigeria, ICSA, under the great General Hassan Usman Katsina , after the martydom of the Great Sardauna of Sokoto in the 1966 ethno – religiously cleansing Coup Detats, during which the Interim Common Services of Northern Nigeria, ICSS became the arrowhead and reference centre, as well as rallying point for Northern Nigerian Developmental Activities and resource epicenter, during which the School of Basic Studies structure were made as part and parcel of the new Northern Educational System.

I will not also fail to mention or share some of the experiences I gained from people that help shape my worldviews, like, the late Ambassador Alhaji Muhammad Suleiman, the Dan Iyan Keffi; Alhaji Muhammad Chindon Yamusa the 2nd, former /late Emir of Keffi, Alhaji Jibrin Ahmed Nasarawa, and last but not the list, Alhaji Abubakar O . E .Kana and Ibrahim K Dahiru, my School Seniors at Keffi Teacher’s College, amongst others too numerous to mention here.

However, I cannot forget to mention my NTA mentors, like Hajiya Maryam Bewell, Alhaji, Malam Idi Jibrin, Abdulraahman Michika, Drs. Tonnie Iredia, Tom Adaba, Victoria Ezeakoli, Patrick Ityohegh, Usman Magawata, Peter Igho, Yaya Abubakar and many friends and supportive colleagues, such as Yakubu Ibn Muhammad, Yusuf Jibo and Musa Maiyaki, et al.

However. I must confess here, that, there are so many people who, after reading my tributes on Tonnie Iredia, my former DG at NTA, from whom I learned to respect persons and people in authority, without fearing to dare my guts feelings, whom so many people, curiously always wanted to ask my reason for holding him in such high esteem.
He , Tonnie , Hajiya Maryam Bewell and the great technocrat and super- talented Civil Servant- the late Alhaji Abdu Abubakar, had always accommodated my innocent point blank views and opinions, without the usual pretentious turciternity and fake diplomatese, others otherwise indulge in,
to fake elemental favours, even when they conceal and harbour the bitter reality of their own feelings of approval!

Plus, one of your commissioners, Associate Professor Abdulkarim A. Kana, who is a responsibly model and obedient loyal young man, who dares to call a spade a spade, as an honorable homage to telling the truth , without hurting the intergrity of the message!

You and others who read this piece may be tempted to ask, inquiringly: what is your take, or even your business with all these iconic narratives?

Well, I am tempting you to understand and recognise the depth of human psychology and diverse perspective, hoping, you are likely going to deliver your own target, by ensuring that, all your actions are determined and guided by, conpicously actionanable, as well as verifiable sincerity!

This is your chance to demonstrate and determine President Muhammadu Buhari’s Integrity doctrine, that, philosophically proclaims this anxiom: “Change begins with me”- that is, by pointing your index finger at yourself, to physically confront your conscience!

In the same vein, you should not fail to equally comfront your commissioners and the entire state workforce, who are under your command, to be guided and rebranded, by doing the same token task!

Now, take note, that: the whole world is watching you, your actions and activities… so am I !

“Charity, they say, begins at home”!

And if you decide to allow, or spare your commissioners to oblige, or breach this Buhari pledge of allegiance, don’t blame me, if I raise some fundamental objections against some visible inconsistencies!

I pledge to support any sincere efforts, to take my state to the top of the towering peaks of excellence, as my practical testimonials, to the Buharian Positive Change Mantra!

I look forward to seeing Nasarawa State, doing so many unexpected but new great things!

I rest my case, for now!

Mallam Abdulkarim Muhammad Abdullahi, Founder and National Patron,
APC Pan Nigerian BIG LEAGUE, aka Buhari Integrity Group Advocates and Nationwide Grassroots Fellowships,

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